How Did Our Bonz Get Salty?

Tom Carollo has always been a keen and driven businessman.  Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, he brought his nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic with him to Florida. 

Tom started his first screen-printing business at 16 years of age in his parents’ basement up north.  Way sooner than he expected, he had so many customers that he had to get a store to accommodate his machines and inventory.  He became involved with businesses, civic organizations, local politicians and elections, and his reputation quickly grew as the “go to” guy for decorated apparel (t-shirts!).  By age 18, his screen-printing business was immensely successful.  This was only the beginning!

In 1989, Tom decided to close up shop in Chicago and move to the balmy Gulf Coast of Florida with his cousin, Jim.  Looking for a new challenge, Tom worked for and eventually became Vice President and Managing Director (the youngest in the Woolworth Corporation at the time to hold such a position) of Team Edition Apparel.  After a successful 5 years at Team Edition he decided to start his own business once again.

In 1995, Tom and his wife Stacey opened Windy City Apparel (shout out to Chicago), with “0” customers.  Tom’s brother, Rick, moved down from Chicago for the new adventure; and eventually so did their parents, Joe and Sharon.  It became a very family-oriented, wildly successful venture for the Carollo’s in record time!

Some of their biggest clients were major players in the boating industry, which led to a very interesting outdoor-life product line that took on a life of its own.  SALTY BONZ was born…

Today, SALTY BONZ is one of our proprietary brands at Windy City, and we are very proud.

SALTY BONZ is a brand that speaks to our lifestyle here on the Gulf Coast of Florida…warm, balmy days, swaying palm trees, fish jumping, golf tees piercing the grass, the sun kissing your skin…just another day in our paradise.

No matter where you live, you can appreciate the SALTY  BONZ lifestyle. 

Get Salty.